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8 March 2020

posted 9 Mar 2020, 03:08 by Vivienne Hayes

This afternoon, more than thirty dancers met to enjoy the fun, and at times quite challenging, dances selected by Hilary Herbert. With her selection of dances old and new we were put through our paces with some wonderful accompaniment from Kendal Green – Ian and Margaret, today augmented by the lovely violin of Fiona.

Vivienne took a couple of photos which have been put on the Photos page, but unfortunately moved the camera so the one of the caller and musicians is rather blurred! If anyone doesn't want to have their photo taken at any of our dances, then please let her know.


Mindful of the committee that voluntarily runs Samlesbury Memorial Hall we were also able to help them with a donation of £50 towards their planned defibrillator.


Our next meeting is Sunday 19 April 2020, the THIRD Sunday in the month and the week after Easter; this will be a volunteers’ afternoon, interrupted briefly by our AGM. Come along and enjoy, particularly if you would like to call a dance or two!