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March Dance

posted 17 Mar 2018, 01:58 by Vivienne Hayes   [ updated 18 Apr 2018, 08:10 ]
Jan Dale writes some cracking dances and combining them with dances from Gary Roodman and others around the world, leads to an interesting and sometimes challenging programme. Jan lead our session with some thirty or so dancers stepping away through her programme, enjoying her calling and the excellent accompaniment of Ian and Margaret, making it a thoroughly rewarding way to pass Mothering Sunday afternoon.

Our next meeting is on 8 April when it will be our members’ turn to exercise their calling skills, giving them chance perhaps to call
dances more complex than an average club night will allow. Over tea, we have to deal with the procedures of our AGM, but that should be a minor interruption. Please come along!

Work is also well under way on preparing our programme for next winter and we have another season of interesting and challenging Sundays ahead!