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October Dance

posted 29 Oct 2018, 09:35 by Vivienne Hayes
So when a caller wants to call a dance for the first time and he wants to know how it will go, how does he do it?  If his name is Andrew Shaw, he turns up at Folk North West, gathers a couple of dozen experienced dancers, gives them a history lesson as he calls the dances, then asks whether or not they were enjoyable.

This is what Folk North West is about.  A chance to try out new things, with people who understand that not everything always goes right first time but who enjoy their dancing nonetheless. With Norman and Denise Bearon providing the music for Andrew’s ‘new’ dances we
thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

In November we have Hilary Herbert putting us through our paces with music from Ian and Margaret Jones, another afternoon to savour! Come along and enjoy but remember it's 18 November, exceptionally the third Sunday.”