18th November 2018

Thirty or so dancers braved the bitter cold to come to Samlesbury to enjoy a challenging afternoon of dance lead by Hilary Herbert. As well as some of her own dances, Hilary used dances old and new from elsewhere, to give us a varied programme full of fun but also full of thought - some dances are not at all easy and Ian and Margaret Jones, who provided the excellent music, at times needed the patience of Job! Hilary returns next month to call at our pre-Christmas get together, this time drawing on her collection of CDs to provide the music. We're having a Jacob's Join party, as well as more challenging dancing. Come along and enjoy!

8th April 2018

Not the most successful dance we have had with only nine people attending and Dorothy sitting out as she was struggling walking. Three possible reasons, it was the AGM and people sometimes like avoiding those, it was volunteer callers rather than a booked caller and it was a big folk dance event at Casterton which some of our dancers were attending. However, we had three callers and were able to have three couple dances and even four couple with the caller dancing and it turned out to be a pleasant afternoon.

11th March 2018

30 or so dancers arrived ready to have their brains excercised, as well as their bodies, by some challenging dances from Jan Dale with lovely music, as always, from Ian and Margaret.

11th February 2018

We were a little short on numbers at the start of the dance but then we had some more arrivals who had unfortunately been in a traffic jam on the motorway as there had been an accident so we ended up with 31 which is a good number. Trevor called a variety of dances and it was a pleasant way to pass on a very Wintry Sunday afternoon and we enjoyed listening to the music of Ian and Margaret. Bill and Bob once more brewed up as people arrived and in the interval.

14th January 2018

Andrew must have brought his fan club because we had 39 people at the dance which is a record for this season. Andrew once again took us through some challenging dances which must do our bodies and brains more good than just sitting in front of a television screen and Norman and Denise played some lovely music for us. Bill and Bob did the brewing up when people first arrived and then another one in the interval.

10th December 2017

Only 14 people turned up for our Christmas Party Dance, but there had been snow a couple of days before, although it had cleared in Preston but not in every area so people could have been put off travelling. It would have been nice to have more there but we managed to do lots of dancing with eight different callers. With not as many people it also meant there wasn't as much food on the table, but, of course, not as many people to eat it! However,it worked out well as we had a nice variety of different savoury and sweet food.


Bill Barcroft

Bob Hayes

David Thomson

12th November 2017

28 people attended our November dance, just one less than October. Andrew Shaw was the caller with Norman and Denise Bearon playing for us again. Like Hilary the month before Andrew certainly gave our brains some exercise as well!

8th October 2017

We made a good start to our new season with 29 people enjoying interesting and sometimes challenging dances called by Hilary Herbert with music by Norman and Denise Bearon.