Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 9th October 2022 at Samlesbury War Memorial Hall commencing at 4pm.


In opening the meeting, Bill Barcroft (secretary) expressed the wish that since it was taking place on a dance afternoon during the tea break, the meeting could be short and to this end all reports had been circulated in advance and are filed with these minutes.

Attendance and Apologies for absence

Attendance is as the door signing-in sheet; apologies had been received from Helen Battilana, John and Elaine Warin and Joan and Rosalind Corser.

Minutes of last AGM (held Sunday 14 April 2019)

These had been circulated and were taken as read.

Matters arising from the minutes

After such a long delay, there were no matters arising.

Secretary’s report

This had been circulated and was taken as read; there were no comments.

Treasurer’s report

The reports/balance sheets covering the years to March 2020, March 2021 and March 2022 had been circulated and were accepted without comment. Chris Barcroft proposed the group’s financial year end be moved from March 31 to April 30, so that the financial year represented a complete season. This proposal was agreed.



Lynn Hoyle had been proposed as our new Chairman and this was agreed.


Bill Barcroft was prepared to continue and this was agreed.


Chris Barcroft was prepared to continue and this was agreed.

Committee members

Anne Francis was prepared to continue and this was agreed; there are still a couple of vacancies but there were no volunteers.


Bob Hayes was prepared to continue and this was agreed.

Support from Lancashire Folk

Bill Barcroft explained that in the past, Lancashire Folk have supported the group financially, paying the rent to keep us on an even keel. As part of the plan to help dance groups and clubs emerge from the Covid pandemic, they had agreed to offer financial assistance towards cancelled bookings and reduced attendance. In our restart season we made a loss of £342.96 and we will be presenting a request for assistance for this amount, at their next committee meeting. The meeting approved the request. Bill continued by explaining that the group is affiliated to Lancashire Folk as a group and that individuals should join too by paying the affiliation fee when (and if) it becomes due. (This was £1 per calendar year but is currently suspended because of covid; EFDSS members are automatically affiliated)


Bill Barcroft explained that because of possible interruption by Covid, it had been decided last season to dispense with Season Membership and simply have everyone pay £4 for each meeting; this had worked well particularly since the season had been interrupted by Omicron. His intention was to continue this arrangement and this was accepted by those present.

Meetings in January and April

Bill Barcroft explained that 1st January 2023 coincides with Ian Jones’ First Sunday Club and the decision had been made not to have a FNW meeting on that day. Historically, 1st January has been a “New Year Start-up” with volunteer callers using CDs but support for this is limited. After a short discussion it was agreed that the January 1st meeting should be discontinued.

Bill further explained that the April meeting frequently coincides with the Casterton Weekend and/or Easter (as in 2023) and attendance is historically low, for example only 5 people attended in 2022! Again, it is a volunteer caller and CD event and that, too, dissuades some people from coming. After a short discussion it was agreed to continue with the April meeting but only in years where there was no conflict with Casterton and/or Easter.

Any other business

It had been suggested that meetings should be retimed to start at 2pm, finishing at 5pm, rather than the current timing of 2.30 to 5.30. Various opinions for and against the change were put forward and it was agreed that Bill Barcroft would canvas members on his email list, seeking their opinion for or against the proposal.

With no further business, the meeting closed at 4.20pm and dancing resumed. The general feeling that this format of meeting is acceptable and that it should be followed for future AGMs.